WOE 13/09/06

Yesterday, I still managed to join NC. But, guild master complaint the connection so laggy till make him DC everytimes in castle (dun ned mention).

I believed lor, cos i saw other ppl stucked in castle, cannot move.. but lucky my side still “ok”..

Seem like Mantin guild (thier alliance) failed to maintain Honglou cos always break by MEGA, NC, etc (not sure, but i know these 2 guilds). but lastly, DORC managed in-charge at Honglou. Congrat to DORC.

One more thing is Nyirenverk taken by NEO-I bside they so “lanc”. Use SINX bot at near emp (better dont play, saved your money & make more charity). Just want to warn them, see in upcoming WOE. this is just a game.. play for fun, not “perli”  ppl..

And, somemore congrat to []=BinT@iGuilD=[].. bravo..

p/s: View Guild Standing result. I apologies if somewhere wrong (name/logo/castle). let me know, i will correct it.


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