A week at Kedah

I had been at Kedah a week since last week sunday I arrived at Alor Setar for government project purpose.

Tomorrow have to work as usual (different working day). Two more week to go & last day will at Langkawi (12/10/06).

First time, i saw CC stil using Win9x. So outdated, even through thier games also outdated. Outside advertised got RO but cannot play at all. WTF!

So, no choice I have to post the blog. What can do? Making bored now. Later will going back hotel.

haiz.. Everyday so miss my sweet wife at Selangor. Hope can see her as soon as possible. But, project schedule cant make it fast.

Installation & configuration are an easiest for me. haiz.. look like wanna waste my time at here..

The place I staying here all like prison area. Start at 8pm, all shops being closed. Where can go?

hopefully, I wont step here anymore..

Bye all..

p/s: To my guild No-Comment, gambadek all.. I really hope can join you all, sapu castles.. as soon as well..


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