Travel to Langkawi

I think 2day is last day at HQ. Think no more will coming here. Cos next day will going to Langkawi (last destination) for installation & configuration workstations.

Beside, can windows shopping a while. This is 1st time I’ll landing my foots at Langkawi area. Hehe. But, I will ‘drunk’ at ferry, T.T”.. So scare now..

What I know from my colleagues, journey will start at 8am. Then, we shd left hotel at 7am+ to drive Kuala Kedah Jeti.

We expect to come back at 4-5pm.. hopefully we can reach that time.. my project coordinator inviting all of us (team) going to Kedah Tower having a buffet at night (6.45pm – 11.00pm)..

rm37 per person.. =.=”

But this is still in planning, wondering will change mind at last minutes.. Hehe..

On friday, will check-out at 9.30am n then start long journey from Kedah to PJ. Wishing will arrive at 4-5pm & meet my sweet sweet wife..


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