13 Nabbed for Internet Banking Scam!

Via blogs and chatrooms, a group of university students honed their skills on how to make money from the Internet – the crooked way.

Tapping into a network of partners with knowledge on online hacking, the students learnt how to cheat and cyber-rob, all from the confines of their homes and internet cafes.

Their victims were those who were unfamiliar with the security rules of internet banking.

They made tens of thousand of ringgit luring unsuspecting online banking users to part with their personal and protected data such as usernames and passwords.

All these came to an end when police arrested 13 people, including at least four university students, in Kelantan, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur over the last two weeks for the internet banking scam

It is learnt that among those detained was a woman and a few banking staff.

Among the students, who are from private and public universities here, some are said to be children of high ranking goverment servants.

p/s: This is since last week news, i no time to post it.. so i get from Lowyat.net (thanks)


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