myFirst Day

I cant slept well nite due to worry about 2day task. I waked so early around 6.30am & waiting my team for breakfast.

I taken a lot of nasi & stim hotdog, red bean & thing that I can ate.. we reached office at 9.30am & for my task I cant do anything due to server room been locked. So, I waiting someone to come & open for me.

While waiting, i helping my team members to move some workstations to meeting room where to setup training environment.

Then, installed product applications…. after then 15min, someone already open da svr room door for me.. now is my turn to do my work..

1stly, I check server status.. Wah, it been 40 days ++, svr not being restart b4.. Nvm, i perform checklist on svr.. I performed backup on current database & shutdown da services.. and, restored new structures of database into svr..

During restoration, I installed Oracle 10g client (n patching) on web svr too due to request from developer..

After that, removed Oracle 10g applications (from Enterprise Edi) & re-installed Oracle 10g applications (from Standard Edi) into production svr. Then, installed Oracle 10g Client & patching it. Beside, that was done.. Now is critical where need to up database it..

lucky, everything are going smooth with some help from colleague at HQ.. hehe.. Jus need his encouraging & supportive me.. After that, I need to test it out from client workstation side.. so far, everything are going on plan.. 

Thanks to god.. 2molo hav to standby via checking Recovery Svr at another building..


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