Malaysia to filter the Net?

KUALA LUMPUR: Local telecommunication companies have been told to set up a filter system to block out online pornography by next year. Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said the non-profit system should be available nationwide to consumers soon. 

He said he was informed that 3G handphones could be used to access online pornography. He added that the newly-formed Malaysian Cyber Security Centre (MCSC) and local telcos have been directed to crack down on online pornography. Dr Jamaluddin said the centre was expected to step up efforts to track down those producing and downloading pornography . 

“The MCSC has the capability to track down those producing or downloading pornography.  “It is just that we need to aggressively pursue this. Effective enforcement with the cooperation of parents, cyber cafes and traders is needed,” he said at a press conference at the 57th Umno general assembly. 

Dr Jamaluddin said the MCSC would also launch a campaign on using the Internet positively and educate parents and the private sector on how to fight online pornography. “The prime culprits in the downloading of pornography are schoolchildren and undergraduates,” he noted.

LYN: There seems to be two possible outcomes from this directive. By setting up a non-profit system to filter porn, it  would mean that an optional system would be introduced to filter out online porn, and it can be turned on (and off) by the end user. If this indeed is the aim of the system, then it would be welcomed with open arms all around. We’ll have to take a wait and see approach and update this story when more details are revealed about this system.

We’re wondering how some telcos might use this to their advantage. Before this it was 20% of our users use 90% of our bandwidth for P2P downloads. Next up, 90% of P2P downloads are found to be pornography, so we have to filter and block all P2P traffic to curb online porn. If that happens, remember you heard it here first!


p/s: I don’t think government will banned for 100%.. It’s doesn’t mean I not supporting government upcoming rules.. Its a good idea & suggestion.. But, still got people can exploiting another communicating to outsider..


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