12th Day

Last 2 days ago, I had been Langkawi & bought some precious for my lovely wife. Hopefully she like it..

Y.day I had been moved to homestay where like a house la.. no more in hotel bside ‘coordinator’ said its quite expensive if stil stay at hotel.. WTF of ‘coordinator’.. this shd be plan earlier not in last minutes..

I totally fred-up of her.. really suck person.. i hv no choice & decide to stay da others.. back to my story, since in langkawi, I felt so tired & felt fallen to sick.. lucky i stil strong.. wish God always bless & care me here…

2day I in HQ for doing some stuffs where backup temporary database & setup Oracle Server at Standby Server (beside HQ building).. tat is doing after office hours.. so taking this chance to online…

this morning i became a driver where drives to kuala kedah & drop marketing ppl & customer where they ned go to langkawi for official work.. later once they back here, i stil ned to become thier driver.. lolz.. lucky my fren dropped his car for me..

later on, i going to laundery for my cloths.. can jalan-jalan a while since not much thing to do now.. later after 4pm above, starting a lot of thing to do..


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