Experiences during LIVE.

Since a project was been live few days ago, I had been experiences a lot of thing in few factors where in users attitude, management, networking, etc..

Even I not specialist in network, but I ned to learn too.. look like i’m not a vendor of project..

I had encountered that since 1st day live, the CISCO router been ‘down’ for 3 times a day.. that was shocked me at 1st.. but i managed to get the problem occurs.. then i refered to thier ICT in-charge & alert them to take an action if CISCO router going to ‘off’ soon..

nobody want to take an action.. haiz.. i had to close & re-open CISCO router.. then line was up as usual..

now at server portion was going smooth.. i concerned on network portion where traffic was so bad.. especially during release new .exe file..

that was terrible at districts, i get a lot of complaint from users.. thing like i’m in-charge at there.. really suck.. even though within team member pin-point to me..

i responed to them, hey, i’m not in-charge in network, any issues regard network, plz refer to ICT not me.. so of them very ‘funny’ & sent me sms to ask… “hey, server got problem ke?”, “server down ke?”

tis few sentences make me fred-up & tension, within team shd me know each other.. i complaint to my leader, she say wan take an action during post-implementation meeting soon..

i’m so dissapointed of this project.. finally my task here was done but not 100% cos some of minor task shd be follow up (ned to come back here), but tat can handle it..

now got hardware equipment shortage at customer side.. so waiting cal from them.. hopefully, tat wont be to long at here..

i wish my task (server & database) was completed & running smooth..i’ll going back soon..


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