Unfairness Judgment!

For me it is an unfairness judgment made by senior where she requested to purchase new pc for 3 units only. I’m know that our unit pc’s was very old n its time to throw into river.

here are spec infor for senior using p3 500mhz (namely as A) same as another colleague (namely as B), then another one is using p4 1.6ghz (namely as C) & finally me using p3 868mhz (namely as D)..

recently, my senior told me she managed to get 3 units new pc where one of it for A, and another 2 units for B + C. And, me (D) get second hand pc only, wtf of her. Wat i know, i get only CPU not a whole set. this was make me so disappointed & unfair for me.

A asked me can request to upgrade the ram (current, spec is p4 2.4ghz, ram 386mb). yup, i know can upgrade but not fairness for me at all. wat had C staff contribute in our unit? C pc running in p4 1.6ghz, was better than 3 of us. is it C pc stil need to upgrading?

i had contributing a lot of unit, but then this is wat i get. really suck of her, cibai poh! Soon, she wil get pay back watever she had done on me. Not me punish, let GOD to judge it.


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