How shame of A!

As previous posted, I was namely A, B, C, & D as person (that what I know).. was almost in afternoon (b4 lunch), A was came to my place & wanna me to get help carry of thier “new brand pc’s (3 set)”.

Firstly, my brain think (auto) how shame you’re?! Bcos A, B & C was on da spot too, why dont ask them include A to carry byself.. why still need me to carry up? But, I doesnt reject her request cos I open mind.

What are thing thier carried? Only monitor box (A & C carried), me & B was carried CPU box. but I carried 2 CPU boxes + laptop (2 boxes)..

nobody caring my feeling! WTF! Nvm, I do what A instruct bside A complaining to other head unit that I work slow (WTF!).. I never delay of submission assignment.. she flamed me!

She so shame & dunno how shame she are, why?! bcos she was a “disabled” person where stil ned ppl like me to help her. I be as good person to help “disabled” ppl tat was teached by teacher.



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