New DDR3 From Apacer

Apacer Technology has announced the DDR3 for desktop range. This high-level DDR3 range offering fully supports the Bearlake desktop chipset from Intel, marking the official entry into the new era of DDR3 with higher performance, lower energy consumption and greater capacity.

Apacer Technology maintains long-term cooperation with motherboard manufacturers and has conducted a series of product functionality and compatibility tests during the development of the DDR3 range. Therefore, its DDR3 modules deliver better compatibility with motherboards and are certified by leading motherboard manufacturers the earliest compared with DDR3 modules by other makers.

Moreover, in addition to the DDR3 1066/1333 models, Apacer Technology announces the world’s first DDR3-1600MHz overclocking module. This will be another world’s fastest overclocking module from Apacer Technology after the DDR2-1200+ overclocking module and realizes the maker’s commitment to leading overclocking technology. Following the respective announcement of the DDR2-1200+ and DDR3-1600HMz modules, Apacer Technology’s leadership in both DDR2 and DDR3 modules will be more consolidated.


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