64 Core processor from Tilera

If you think 2 or 4 cores on a processor is awesome wait till you check this out. Tilera, who seems to be a new entrant into the world of processor manufacturing, has launched their TILE64 processor, the first in a family of Tile Processor chips based on what they claim to be a revolutionary architecture that can scale to hundreds and even thousands of cores.

The TILE64 processor contains 64 full-featured, programmable cores – each capable of running Linux – and delivers 10X the performance and 30X the performance-per-watt of the Intel dual-core Xeon, and 40X the performance of the leading Texas Instruments DSP. Initial target markets for the TILE64 processor include the embedded networking and digital multimedia markets. 

The TILE64 processor is available now in three different device variants based on frequency and I/O capabilities. Production pricing for the TILE64 family starts at US435 in 10K unit quantities. Tilera’s roadmap also includes plans for a 36-core and a 120-core device. More information on Tilera and the TILE64 processor can be found on Tilera’s new web site, www.tilera.com. 


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