Lenovo Hub annuncement and G series preview

Lenovo announced that it is setting up a centralised operations hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to deliver functions from supply chain to customer service in Asia Pacific, in both emerging markets and established economies in Asia Pacific. The Lenovo operations hub, located at Damansara Uptown in Petaling Jaya, will also support Lenovo’s business operations in channels marketing, finance and telesales.

 Dion Weisler, Vice President & General Manager, Lenovo ASEAN / Korea

This latest Lenovo centre will provide the company with economies of scale as well as increase Lenovo’s operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It will also allow Lenovo to better serve its national and regional customers. To achieve this, Lenovo will more than double its staff strength in Malaysia taking its total number of employees to more than 300 by the year end.  

“Malaysia is an important market for us,” said Dion Weisler, Vice President & General Manager, Lenovo ASEAN / Korea. “This year, we’ve grown our retail presence to reach nearly 40 storefronts throughout Malaysia. These storefronts are not just restricted to Kuala Lumpur, but distributed across major urban centres across Malaysia. Furthermore, we have plans to continue growing our retail presence significantly over the next 12 months.”  

Lenovo’s upcoming Lenovo 3000 G Series notebooks is a new range offering mobility on a budget to value-conscious consumers who are looking to make a transition from desktops to laptops.  Lenovo’s G Series notebooks are expected to be available locally in September. Unfortunately we still do not have images of the G3000 series. Stay tuned for more updates.


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