XEL-1 is first commercial OLED TV

 Sony today announced that it will begin sales of its upcoming 11-inch OLED based TV this December. This will be the first commercial OLED TV model to go on sale, opening the way for a possible revolution in flat panel display market which until now included only LCD and Plasma based devices. OLED is set to introduce superior contrast levels (two orders of magnitude more than current high-end Plasma displays), more vivid colors, low power consumption and fast response time. Prices of OLED displays however are expected to remain high until true mass production will begin towards the end of the decade.

It seems that Sony is making good on its promise to deliver the first commercial Organic LED (OLED) based TV in 2007. The new XEL-1 (organic EL based panel) will be the first to go on sale on Japan this December. The new ultra thin (3mm) 11-inch display will boost a remarkable contrast of 1,000,000: 1 (or higher) compared to around 20,000:1 on today’s high end Plasma displays. The high contrast will result in much deeper (more realistic) black color and should also allow to view the TV in a brightly lit room.

 The XEL-1 has a small 11-inch display, 960 x 450 resolution, HDMI, USB and Ethernet connections as well as 2 x 1W speakers. This configuration is not intended to replace a 50′ full HD home-theater display but could used as a high quality screen for a small bedroom or office. If successful however, larger version from Sony (and possibly other manufacturers such as Samsung, Pioneer and Philips) could reach the market in 2008-2009 offering real alternatives to LCD and Plasma displays.

[ via tfot.info ] Read on for more information on OLED.


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