MSI’s New Quad-core Opteron Board

With AMD releasing their new Quad-core opteron processors, we’re seeing mobos supporting the chip springing up quite a bit. MSI is no slug either with their new K9NU Speedster. Coupled with NVIDIA nForce 3400 chipset, K9NU-Speedster mainboard focus on the entry-level server market, supporting one Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2200 Series processor and delivering superior processing performance with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

NVIDIA nForce Pro 3400 supports 1GHz HyperTransport in full-duplex mode, so bi-directional throughput can reach 8GB/s to reduce bottlenecks of data transfer. What’s more, K9NU-Speedster also provides a maximum memory bandwidth up to 8.5GB/s (DDR2-533) or 10.5GB/s (DDR2-667). 

K9NU-Speedster mainboard provide eight DIMMs supporting a maximum 32GB registered ECC DDR2-533/667 memory combined with a higher bus frequency for more bandwidth and system boosting performance. Its high performance XGI Volari Z7 graphic processor with 16MB video memory can meet users’needs without adding another discrete graphics adapter. Otherwise, if you need faster graphics performance, K9NU-Speedster mainboard provide two PCI-E x16 slots supporting NVIDIA SLI technology for future expansion. 


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