Asus Leatherbound F8P Notebook

Asus has launched its ASUS F8P series, a notebook with hand picked and crafted premium leather which adds tactile warmth to the notebook design while the painted surface keeps it sleek. In addition to the tactile enjoyment, the F8P also adopts the unique bamboo hinge that’s with integrated power button on the side, offering ergonomic operating convenience.

Equipped with a Hybrid TV tuner, the F8P gives the user maximum versatility with the ability to take advantage of both digital and analog signals. A card type remote control is incorporated, in line with the chic portability of the F8P lifestyle, giving the user the ability to take charge of entertainment while being easily carried. Furthermore, a built-in swivel webcam allows instant high-resolution face to face communication without the hassle of external connections and messy wires.


The F8P is also equipped with with top of the line specifications, including the latest Intel Core2 Duo processors, up to 2GB of DDR2 memory, DirectX 10 support and a choice of graphics processing systems: the ATI Mobility Radeon HD2400 graphics engine, stocked with 256MB of physical VRAM and HyperMemory up to 1024MB.  


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