Goodbye Zander, and Hello Brown


Edward J. Zander CEO of Motorola will be stepping down come January 1 2008 and the position will be taken over by Greg Brown. Zander is widely credited to have made the RAZR phone the hit it is. Well that was until everyone had a RAZR or its variants (RIZR, SLVR, RAZR er I think I’ repeating myself). Admittedly the RAZR was a great phone in terms of style and design but seriously we’d really like to see something else from Motorola and hopefully with Brown in place, maybe we’ll be seeing some new designs soon. Greg Brown also has a big job ahead of him in bringing Motorola back up into number two since its slip into third position in worldwide mobile phone sales and he and Motorola would really need to come up with something to rival the popularity of the original RAZR if they want to stay ahead. 


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