JVC Super Slim – LT-42S90 LCD TV


JVC’s new super-slim LT-42S90 LCD TV features a cabinet that across most of its width measures a mere 39mm in depth, with a maximum thickness of just 74mm at the panel’s centre. This design ensures that from nearly any angle, these models present a super-slim appearance. Complementing the super-slim design is a thin 23mm bezel, which helps to further minimise the presence of the cabinet. It weighs less than 20kg and consumes 183watts one of the lowest figures in the industry today.

The slim design was made possible through the use of a new JVC-developed slim panel backlight unit and power supply substrate, or chassis. The new slim LCD panel backlight unit is 40 percent smaller (with a mere 20mm depth and 13mm bezel width) compared to a conventional LCD backlight. What’s more, the unit weighs only 12kg and consumes just 145W of power.

JVC’s display engineering team succeeded in developing a new, slimmer backlight unit by optimizing the light-diffusing plates and light-reflection sheets, as well as improving their overall composition. This provided uniform light-diffusion at all the corners and edges without the addition of more CCFL tubes, while maintaining adequate luminance to ensure that the screen always remains bright.

The LT-42S90 LCD TV will be available in 42-inch size, and offers 1920 x 1080p resolution. It retails at RM10,999 and is available now.

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