MSI K9A2GM/VM Series

MSI has launched its K9A2GM/VM mainboard series which utilises AMD’s latest 780G/V chipset which provides full HD, best-in-class 3D graphics performance, enhanced scalability, and “rock-solid stability” for mainstream gaming, multimedia and commercial PC systems. The K9A2GM and K9A2VM mainboard series consists of seven members: K9A2GM/VM-FIH, K9A2GM/VM-FD, K9A2GM/VM-F V2 & K9A2GM-FIH-S (Solid Capacitor Edition).


These mainboards offer AMD AM2/AM2+ socket supporting AMD Phenom Quad Core processor performance and the latest AMD chipsets with graphics core which features full 1080p High-Definition Video in a cost-effective basic mainboard design. It also supports AMD’s Athlon series processor, HyperTransport 3.0 technology and DDR2-1066 memory.

The K9A2GM mainboard series also features the latest PCI-Express 2.0 bus technology and delivers high performance support for AMD’s new Hybrid CrossFireX, allowing the combination of features or raw horse power from both the onboard graphics and compatible add in PCI-E graphics boards.

Read on for more info and specs.


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