ASUS P5N72-T Premium Motherboard


Asus has released the ASUS P5N72-T Premium motherboard. Equipped with the ASUS exclusive EPU technology for astounding energy savings, this high performance motherboard supports enhanced specifications of the front side bus and memory – able to reach an FSB of 1600MHz (O.C.) (originally 1333MHz) and 1200MHz(O.C.) for memory (originally 1066MHz).

The new ASUS exclusive EPU is the world’s first intelligent on-demand power saving microprocessor. This intelligent automatic energy saving chip is more stable than software-driven solutions, and provides users with superior performance while in energy-saving mode in comparison to other solutions. By utilizing an innovative power technology, the EPU is able to digitally monitor current CPU usage and automatically fine-tune the CPU power supply with improved VRM efficiency to suit any loading. The EPU is thus able to provide users with the ability to moderate power for higher performance if required, or save CPU power under low processing periods for the best possible performance with the least amount of power – achieving industry-leading power savings.


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