MSI Wind Notebook

With small form factor notebooks being the rage these days its no surprise that MSI has entered the fray with its newly launched Wind Notebook. It is based on Intel’s brand-new Atom processor which is designed for a mix of performance, low power usage, size and affordability The MSI Wind Notebook is approximately 1 kilogram in weight and only uses up 2.5 watts, that is less than 1/10 of the 35 watts of the Intel Core 2 Duo.


The new MSI ECO Engine technology can distribute power intelligently to prolong the operating time of the battery.The WInd Notebook Uses the ECO Engine software to decide between the 5 working modes for either gaming, movies, presentations, office work and Turbo Battery. The system can automatically adjust the brightness and the distribution of power accordingly to prolong battery usage.

The first model of MSI Wind Notebook will be U100. MSI has yet to announce when they are bringing in the Wind Notebook to Malaysia but stay tuned and we will update as soon as it hits the streets.

Read on for more info.


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