MSI N200 Series

MSI has unveiled its latest N200 series graphics card. Utilising the highest built-in multi-cores enhanced graphics processors the N280GTX-T2D1G has 240 processor cores with 1GB graphics memory and N260GTX-T2D896 has 192 processor cores and 896MB graphics memory. Second generation NVIDIA Unified architecture delivers 50% more gaming performance over the first generation through 240 enhanced processor cores that provide incredible shading horsepower.

MSI N280GTX and N260GTX series support for NVIDIA PhysX technology enables a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic experience. With the power of the GeForce GTX 200 GPUs’ second generation unified architecture and NVIDIA’s new GPU PhysX technology, you can experience convincing facial animation, multiple ultra‐high polygon characters in complex environments, and fully simulated physical effects such as weather and explosions that deliver a truly immersive and dynamic 3D gaming experience.

Stay tuned for local pricing and availability.


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