Lenovo New Centrino 2 powered IdeaPads

Lenovo introduced four new notebooks for consumers to express themselves with more choices of color, including Indigo blue, Bold black and Crimson red. In addition, the four notebooks also come with consumer-focused features including expanded facial recognition capabilities for simple and convenient log-on, One-Key Rescue System to recover your ideas with just one touch, HDMI to connect to the digital world and optional Blu-Ray DVD players on select models for enjoying high-definition content.

The announcement brings two new notebook form factors – the 13-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y330 and U330 notebooks and the 14-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y430 notebook – to the IdeaPad line. Additionally, the new IdeaPad Y530 notebook round out Lenovo’s expanded consumer notebook portfolio. All of the notebooks are based on the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology.

“From San Francisco to Paris to Singapore, customer feedback on our inaugural IdeaPad notebooks has been exceptional,” said Eric Zhao, Country Manager, Consumer Business, Lenovo Malaysia. “Our new styles, colors and innovations are all about customers and the ways they express themselves and their ideas.”

Pricing and availability after the drop.

[Source: Slashgear]


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