Canon D10: The Outdoors Man’s Dream

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows how good I am with gadgets. In fact, I’m so good with them that I have had to ban myself from splurging on them, because next to none of the gadgets in my possession (that I have purchased and used over the span of the past two years) is actually still in good working condition now.

I admit. I’m one of those careless / clumsy oafs that holds nothing sacred, but that doesn’t mean that all gadget hope is lost? Well, not if this awkward contraption from Canon – called the PowerShot D10 – manages to pull off what it supposedly can.

Apart from surviving the odd four-foot free fall, the D10 is also supposedly able to take pictures underwater without the use of an external diving case and withstand depths up-to-33-feet deep, and is also freeze proof from 14 degrees Fahrenheit (about -10 degrees Celsius).

It retails in the USA for US$330 and will be released sometime in May. No word on the local release date / price / if it’s even going to be available locally though.

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