Aztech: HW553 Wireless-N Mobile Router

Aztech HW553 Wireless-N Mobile Router is fully packed with features just like any of its full-sized brethren. Made for 3/3.5G USB modem users who would like to share their Internet connectivity with others, one just need to plug in their modem – provided that it is one of these supported models – and off it go.

Being small made it very easy to be transported around and to be used anywhere especially during those discussions, conferences or meeting that happened outside the confinement of fixed DSL line. The HW553 also comes with another USB port for shared access to printer or storage devices and not to forget, it also works with the usual Ethernet-based ADSL modems.

The new Aztech HW553 Wireless-N Mobile Router is already available in the market with a price tag of RM 249. For more information, check out the informative materials after the break or log on to Aztech’s official website (

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