Lian Li PC-C50 Chassis

New aluminum PC chassis from the experts at Lian Li which called PC-C50 chassis is built to cater different kind of crowd.

Lian Li implemented modular mounting cages for optical drive and hard drives so that the user is able to move them around at will. The chassis supports one 5.25” external drive, together with up to three 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch hard drives.

It is also supplied with three USB 3.0 ports, a HD Audio port, an eSATA port and a card reader that supports SD card and Memory Stick. Two 120mm fans on the chassis side will provide cooling for the case, together with two more fan holes on its top and rear area for users to install extra fans.

Available in black and silver, expect the Lian Li PC-C50 chassis to be priced at around RM 598 (USD 189) once it reaches here towards the end of this month.

[Source: Lian Li]

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