Microsoft Arc™ Mouse

We are pretty sure anybody that has seen the Microsoft Arc Mouse before would take note of its unique design. Get ready then, the new version – the Arc Mouse Touch – is heading to the market very soon.

Made its first appearance through several teasers at Microsoft Hardware’s Twitter, the Arc Mouse Touch was first rumoured as a multi-touch device similar to Apple Magic Mouse. But then, after more details started to pop-up in Germany, it was revealed that the “Touch” name is just a mere reference to its touch-sensitive scroll wheel.

While that might be a bummer, its physical design is rather interesting as it has a flexible body that can bended or straighten out by users. Internally, its tracking system is equipped with Microsoft BlueTrack technology and communicates wirelessly through its 2.4GHz Nano-Transreciever.

In terms of pricing, the mouse is currently priced at RM 281 (EUR 69.95) in Germany. The pricing should be a little bit different here, so we will keep you posted once we receive any news of local release. Meanwhile, jump in to check out additional product shots of the new Arc Mouse Touch.

[Source: Microsoft Arc Mouse]

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