Garmin recall nüvi product

Garmin Nuvi Recall: One More Driving Hazard Comes To Light

As you know by now,Garmin has announced recall of 1.25 million Nuvi navigation devices because of overheating issues.

The reason behind the fire hazard are third-party batteries used in the system. Garmin however made it clear that less than 10 of its units have been affected so far.

Garmin also stated that the affected nüvi models were sold all over the world which gives us even more reason to be concerned. So, if you own one of them – 200W, 250W, & 260W together with 7xx and 7xxT, head on to the battery recall program’s website ( and enter your device’s serial number to verify the status of your nüvi devices.

[Source: USA News Week]

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