Hack Google to get Rewards

Hackers and security experts scream out in joy because Google will be rewarding you to do what you love to do most: hack. Google is welcoming all hackers and security experts to find flaws in all of Google’s web applications and will pay every user who discovers any security vulnerabilities. In January, Google had a similar program for the company’s open-source Chromium project and as of Monday, they announced on their blog that they will be extending this program to Google, YouTube, Blogger and Google’s social network, Orkut however, it will not include Google client applications such as Android, Picasa and Sketchup.

Aiming to make all its application safer for users, Google will pay up to USD$3,133.70 for a vulnerability, depending on the seriousness of the flaw. The security team describes the vulnerability as “any serious bug which directly affects the confidentiality or integrity of user data” and all rewards are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. Check out the company’s official blog for detailed information and if hacking is your interest and don’t intend on receiving any money for finding flaws on these Google applications (why wouldn’t you want money?), Google will donate the reward to charity.

[Source: Daily Tech, Google Blog]

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